Technical Information

Expansion & contraction must be allowed forwhen fixing Lattice Sheet. Up to 10mm difference is possible in sheet length.EcoScreen Plastic Lattice is perfect for manyuses around the home. The best thing about EcoScreen is that it does not needto be painted. It is available in a range of colours as illustrated below.

Optional Mounting Kits
1. HandyFrame mounting kit consists of aBHP COLORBOND® steel frame, plastic corners and screw caps. COLORBOND is aregistered trademark of of BHP Steel (JLA) PTY Ltd.

2. Quick Cap mounting kit consists ofplaastic washers with caps in matching colours for surface mounting to anysupport structure.

3. Fence Extension Frame Kit consists ofBHP COLORBOND® steel uprights and top channel, plastic corners & screw holecaps.
Important NotesĀ·                        
  •  EcoScreen®must be installed in a way that allows it to freely expand and contract due tochanges in temperature.
  • EcoScreen®must not be used where substantial weight is to be placed on it (such as forflooring).
  • Extrasupport must be provided wherever EcoScreen® is used in non-verticalapplications.
  • Referto applicable regulations before using EcoScreen® in a safety fence (such aspool or spa).

The dimension of this sheet is 2430mm x 1215mm.The dimension of the lattice kit is 2455mm x 1245mm. This means the assembledframe kit is 25mm greater than the sheet of lattice.Note: When reducing the size of the sheet oflattice, reduce the lengths of the frame by the same amount.