Roof Sheeting

Plastics offer an extensive range of polycarbonate roofing materials.   

    Corrugated profile
    Greca profile  
    Solar control Greca profile  
    Solar control Corrugated profile  
    Twinwall polycarbonate

In addition tothe sheet, we offer a complete line of installation accessories, including corrugated closure strips and neoprene washer fasteners.

Trades people and home handymen, do not miss this page, for detailed instructions on installing polycarbonate roofing.

Installation Instructions for
Polycarbonate Roof Sheets

Minimum Requirements:
  • Minimum Slope is 30mm in 300mm.
  • Beams must be placed no more than 1200mm apart.
  • Cross supports must be placed no more than 1200mm apart, except for bottom cross support which must be no more than 1150mm from next cross support.

Panels may be used in curved applications, as long as the radius of the curve is not less than 4000mm

Important: Install panels label-side up to ensure proper UV protection.  Only neoprene washers should be used when securing panels.

Long-Term Storage:
Store sheets out of direct sunlight. Do not cover with any material (i.e. polymasking, polyethylene, etc.) so as to avoid solar heat gain between panels. Sheets of longer lengths should be stacked below other sheets. Do not stack other items on top of panels. If panels are not stacked directly on floor, be sure to support evenly. Avoid contact with chemicals, paints, adhesives or other synthetic materials that are incompatible with polycarbonate.

Safety Instructions:

Never walk directly on panels during installation.
Always use crawl boards placed across at least two cross supports.

Installation Instructions - Fabrication

Cut panels to desired length, using standard wood-cutting tools, such as a jig saw, circular saw, hand saw, scissors, sheers or utility knife.

Installation Instructions - Fastening

Secure horizontal closure strips along cross supports and vertical closure strips along vertical beams.  Make sure horizontal closure strips are cut at the correct point to form an even, consistent wave pattern along cross support when butted together.  Pre-drill wood strips and panel (stopping at the beam) approximately 1.5mm larger than the fastener diameter.  Change drill bit to 6mm or 8mm hex driver, and use 50mm self-drilling, self-tapping washer fasteners to secure through panel, closure strip and into the beam for adequate anchoring.

Installation Instructions - Overlaps

Overlap each panel by one (1) corrugation.  Attach panels to horizontal cross supports through the top wave of every second corrugation, and every 300mm to 450mm (or your local building code) running the length of your overlap, excluding the area where there is no support. Overlaps must face away from the direction of the prevailing winds. Corrugation ribs must run vertically for proper rain and snow runoff. If roof width is greater than panel length, install the higher panel to overlap on top of the lower panel to prevent water seepage.

Installation Instructions - Ridge Cap Flashing

Install Ridge Cap along ridge of roof.  Use 50mm fasteners to secure through ridge cap, panel and beam.

Installation Instructions - Side Ridge Flashing

Install Side Ridge flashing on top of panels along any vertically-running junction with existing structure.  Use 50mm fasteners to secure through flashing, panel and beam

Installation Instructions - Wall Connector Flashing

Install Wall flashing on top of panels along any horizontal junction with existing structure.  Use 50mm fasteners to secure through flashing, panel and beam.