Time Capsules

 City Plastics can supply custom made Time Capsules to suit most environments.
We do not produce a standard of the shelf Time Capsule, there are some standard items available at various department stores, they are mainly pretty looking decorative toys, however........

We have manufactured a number of different styles of Time Capsule. As we are custom fabricators of plastic products, we do not have samples of the time capsules,as they are all different.

The time capsules that we manufacture can be anything from a clear acrylic or polycarbonate box to be put on open display as a visible Time Capsule, or a PVC box or tube, that is to be buried in the ground.

 The PVC type are generally made from pipe about 315 mm outside diameter and about 600 mm long, the pipe is usually white in colour and the ends are supplied, one fixed in place by hot air welding and the other end is rebated and supplied loose along with a sealant and stainless steel screws, to be screwed in place. The ends are grey in colour, they are also very industrial looking, this type of product is meant to be a sturdy storage container. defiantly not a pretty looking display item.Cost is approximately $250 - $300 Australian dollars.Smaller diameter PVC pipe is not readily available with a thick enough wall, the 315 mm diameter pipe has a 8 mm wall thickness.

The clear acrylic or polycarbonate box can be made in any size, and is meant to be apresentation item. Cost varies from approximately $100 - $500 Australian dollars, depending on size. 

     Note that the buried type of capsule is essentially a strong box.     Any documents placed within it, should still be individually sealed in zip top plastic bags or air tight containers,or both.  Care should be taken to ensure the articles you intend to put in the time capsule will stand the test of time.   
     Printed matter should be on chlorine freepaper.   
     Laser printed documents will last longerthan inkjets.   
     Silica gel placed in the time capsule will help absorb moisture.

As you can see the possibilities are endless, please contact us to discuss your needs. The ideal time capsule for burial would probably be manufactured from multiple walled marine grade stainless steel, each cavity would be purged of air and nitrogen filled.The cost of such an item and the nitrogen filling would probably run into many thousands of dollars. We do not produce such an item, however what we produce we feel is a good cheap alternative.

City Plastics accepts no responsibility for the long term condition of the contents of anytime capsule they supply.