Hot Air Welding

Another first for City Plastics, we are the only South Australian company with DVS Accreditation for hot air welding. DVS is the German standard for hot air welding, accreditation to this standard is a must for most welding jobs performed in Europe and America and is specified by most engineers.
We can also offer a computer design service for fabricated HDPE tanks. These tanks can be guaranteed for 20 years.
Spray deflectors welded to polyethylene boat

Spray deflectors welded to polyethylene boat

Close up of the welding process

9 metre long by 2 metre wide by 1.2 metre high,liner, fabricated from 10 mm HDPE

Custom fabricated tanks, made by plastic welding

We can custom fabricate from all types of material, the most common materials are High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), Polypropylene and PVC
Note: we can make water tanks, for fresh water, grey and black water.

Custom fabricated water tanks for marine use

Stub flanges and fittings welded to rotation moulded polyethylene tanks

More stub flanges and fittings welded to polyethylene tanks

Repairs to existing tanks                 Custom made HDPE tank