Acetal is a crystalline thermoplastic polymer with a high melting point.

It offers a high modulus of elasticity combined with great strength, stiffness and resistance to abrasion. Moisture has little or no effect on acetal, and because of this, the dimensional stability of close tolerance fabricated items is excellent. It is suitable for mechanical parts or electrical insulators that require structural strength at above normal temperatures.


High modulus of elasticity. High strength and stiffness. Low coefficient of friction. Easily fabricated with hand tools and automatic production machinery. Good abrasion and impact resistance. Low moisture absorption. Excellent machine ability. Natural lubricant. Resistant to petrol, solvents, and other neutral chemicals. Useful in air temperatures of -50°C to +150°C.


Acetals overall combination of physical, tribological and environmental properties make it ideal for many industrial wear and mechanical applications. Pump and valve components. Gears, Bearings, Bushings, Rollers, Fittings, Electrical insulator parts.