Foam PVC

Foam PVC sheet provides a surface finish that is ideal for all types of processing, giving outstanding results for screen printing, application of vinyl graphics and photographic print mounting.


Signage, exhibitions, point of sale displays, mobile displays, photo mounting, fabrication.

A uniform expanded closed cell structure gives Foam PVC sheet an ideal combination of strength and durability, resulting in excellent resistance to knocks and scratches.

At approximately half the weight of solid PVC sheet and with a Class 1 fire rating, Foam PVC sheet is ideal for use in exhibitions and displays, particularly when portability is an important factor.

The versatility of Foam PVC sheet offers the designer unlimited scope to produce powerful yet cost effective signs, displays, in-store graphics and merchandising.

Working with Foam PVC sheet is straightforward and requires only standard tools for cutting, drilling and bending. Gluing, bonding and mounting are easily achieved when using recommended methods.

Decorative vinyl lettering and graphics can be applied to Foam PVC sheet which forms a very rigid and stable substrate. The quality ensures excellent results free from visual distortion.

The smooth surface finish of Foam PVC sheet is ideal for screen-printing providing excellent ink adhesion for both single and full colour processes.

Foam PVC sheet is the perfect substrate for all forms of mounting. The excellent surface finish and stability of the material provide the perfect medium for the application of high quality digital images.

Foam PVC sheet is a versatile self-coloured material with a high strength to weight ratio that can be easily fabricated in a wide variety of ways, with countless opportunities in many areas. It can be folded, drape formed, thermoformed and welded successfully.

Recommended Use

White Foam PVC sheet is ideal for exterior application as its closed cell structure limits water absorption. City Plastics, however, does not recommend the use of coloured Foam PVC sheet in exterior applications where high levels of colour retention are required.