Most fine scratches can be removed from acrylic and some other plastics with a mild abrasive polish such as Micro Gloss, Novus #2 or Meguiars #17.

Sometimes a light sanding with a series of grits (150,400,600, 1200) followed by a buffing wheel and available buffing compound, will restore the acrylic.
Care must be taken in polishing plastics, some materials such as polycarbonate or HIPS will burn or whiten when polished.


The most common problem that people encounter with acrylic is the use of incorrect cleaners. Never use cleaners containing ammonia. Cleaners such as the common blue coloured supermarket variety will harm acrylic. Use only products specifically recommended for cleaning acrylic such as Sheenmaster, Plexus, Novus #1 or Meguiars #18 and a soft cloth.

City Plastics stock Sheenmaster and Plexus Plastic Cleaner.

Never use a dry cloth or your hand to clean acrylic.

First, blow the dust or dirt off, or use water and a soft cloth to wash the dirt off.

Then use a recommended cleaner to complete the job.

A solution of detergent and warm water will remove stubborn dirt easily without harming the acrylic.