Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a flexible or rigid material that is chemically non reactive. PVC has a broad range of applications, from high volume construction related products to simple electric wire insulation and coatings. Rigid PVC is easily machined, heat formed, welded, and even solvent cemented.

PVC can be machined using standard metal working tools and finished to close tolerances and finishes without great difficulty. PVC accepts paint and performs well under most silk screening processes. PVC resins are normally mixed with other additives such as impact modifiers and stabilisers, providing hundreds of PVC based materials with a variety of engineering properties.

Available PVC Products

Grey rigid sheet, clear rigid sheet, clear thin film, clear strip door curtains, clear plasticised rolls, grey rod, pipe, clear pressure pipe


High strength, economical, dimensional stability, good weather resistance, high impact strength, clarity, colour-ability, flexible or rigid, chemically inert, ease of fabrication, tasteless, odourless, non-toxic, good electrical properties


Acid resistant trays, laboratory equipment, ducting, tanks, pipes, tank liners.