City Plastics were the first plastic fabrication business in South Australia to purchase a precision CNC Router.

We have 10 years of experience in CNC routing of plastics, call us if you want your job done right.Please contact us for a quote on your requirements for a precision one off job or repetition work. E-mail your CAD files directly to us for a quote, EPS or DXF is the preferred file format.

Please do not send Autocad DWG files.Most CAD programs have their own little things that has to be done to save or export the file as an EPS or DXF. As a hint, where applicable, please purge all layers, remove embedded background images and paper space borders etc. Ensure the file is drawn as polylines and convert to curves. Please send the raw drawing only.

Most EPS or DXF files should be around 20 to 50KB in size, if it is greater than 200KB in most cases we wont bother to try opening it, it is pretty well guaranteed to be no good. If none of these hints on file preparation make sense, please contact us.

City Plastics can cut most thermoplastic materials including Styrene Foam up to 50 mm thick.Examples of the type of jobs this machine is suited to are as follows Complex shapes Holes, both round and complex Cut out shapes Lettering